2. My items arrived damaged. What do I do?

Contact our customer service team immediately if you receive damaged items

For Parcel Deliveries

If you receive an item through a traditional parcel carrier such as UPS, FedEx or USPS, and the item arrives damaged, please take pictures of the item, including the packaging, and contact our customer service team. They may ask you to email the pictures of the damage, and will provide you with directions on returning or disposing of the damaged items. Our team will be happy to arrange shipment of a replacement or refund your order.

For Freight Deliveries

We recommend being home for freight, or "curbside" deliveries so you can review and inspect your order before accepting delivery. While we do our best to make sure items are packaged safely and securely to prevent damage, we recognize that fragile products will occasionally break in transit from our fulfillment center to your doorstep.

We recommend opening the boxes and inspecting the products for any signs of damage, such as broken parts or chips and cracks in the finish. If you see any signs of damage, take pictures and firmly refuse the damaged items and keep any that are in good condition. Do not let the driver leave without inspecting. If the driver refuses to stay during inspection, sign "Per Inspection" on the delivery receipt and call us immediately to report damages. You may be asked to email us pictures of the damage so we can file a claim with the delivery company. Our team will be happy to arrange shipment of a replacement or refund your order.

You have three days to inform our customer service team of any concealed damage that you did not identify at the time of delivery.

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